Ephesus By Night

Ephesus By Night


A visit to Ephesus Ancient City an absolute must whilst you are in Turkey. The ancient city of Ephesus was visited and patronised by Alexander the Great in 334 BC because of its importance as one of the Seven Wonders of the World is Artemis’ Temple, the Greek Goddess of Moon and Hunting.

Even if you  do not wish to buy  any thing  , just strawling around   and  seeing the  colorful stands   and   the   oriental    atmosphere   is  worth  a   visit.

Visiting the famous Olive  oil Museum in Degirmen Restaurant   . Learn about   the history  of Olive oil  from  ancient times until today  and see a worldwide unique and impressive collection of ancient  tools and machinery

Did you know?

  • The first brothel is located in Ephesus?
  • The famous beer ''Efes'' is derived from Ephesus?
  • Degirmen is the only organic farm in the neighborhood?


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