Tire Market & Şirince

Tire Market & Şirince


Up in the hills about 9 km. East of Selçuk amend Grapevines and orchards sits the old Greek town Sirince. During the exchange of populations in 1924 after the Greek - Turkish War, the original Greek habitants left and the present’s villagers moved here from the vicinity of Salonice. (Thessalonica).Today the village is a perfect synthesis of Turk-Greek culture as of the 1920's: after the Independence War, people exchange between Greek and Turks has occurred and all those typical Greek houses, though they kept their original outside characteristics, have received the local layout inside.

Tire  is famous for its market, this market carries the distinction of being one of Turkey's largest outdoor market. In this market, local vegetables, local fruits; From clothes, to electronics, it is possible to find many products.

Did you know?

  • Sirince is famous for its wine which made of any kind of fruit?
  • Şirince acquired world-wide fame when tourists flocked to the village in December 2012 to witness the Mayan Apocalypse?
  • The village's name Şirince means Pleasant in English ?


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